This blog is about my travel experiences and memories and maybe some tips, about my favourite foods and recipes, and about the thoughts and feelings I want to share with you. Although these are not my main activities I like travelling and cooking, and I try to do it as often as possible. My third hobby, which I like to do both when travelling and cooking (actually when the meals are ready) is photography.

With every new place I travel to I discover more and more how wonderful and diverse this world is… For me food is much more than just food, sometimes it remind you the taste of your childhood, sometimes is the taste you share with the beloved one, or it can be the smell which wake up you in the morning… Photos are not just some moments, places or persons captured by your camera, they are also feelings and energy, they can remind you not just you as bride and groom, but also the love and passion you shared. You will not see only the Eiffel tour, your mind will go back there and feel again the emotions you had seeing for the first time Paris. Over the time you will not see just the face of a person on the photo, you will remember her/his smile, voice and personality…

Enjoy the life, it is full of beauty, you have just to notice it!


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