Highlights from Oslo


  • Oslo e un oras minunat, specific si… destul de scump… Totusi, acest oras are de oferit multe turistilor…
  • Am aterizat simbata dimineata pe aeroportul din Rygge, de unde cu un “express bus” am ajuns in Oslo in aproximativ o ora… (Apropo, biletele cumparate online sunt ceva mai ieftine decit cele cumparate la bordul autobuzului)…
  • Ne-am cazat intr-un apartament pe care l-am inchiriat de pe Airbnb, destul de dragut, cu un balcon maricel si cu o vedere superba spre Oslo Fjord…
  • Capitala Norvegiei ne-a intimpinat si bucurat cu o vreme destul de frumoasa, cu un pic de soare, pe alocuri cu innorari, iar in ultima zi a si plouat putin…
  • Pentru a ne relaxa puțin după zbor și călătoria cu autobuzul, ne-am gîndit că ar fi o idee bună să începem mica noastră escapadă în Oslo la lacul Songsvann… Liniște, frumusețe și aer curat… După o plimbare frumoasă pe malul lacului am vizitat parcul cu sculpturi “Vigeland”… Tot în prima zi am reușit să ajungem si la “Holmenkollen Ski Jump”…
  • Cascada “Mollefossen”, strada “Damstredet”, despre care se zice că ar fi cea mai veche stradă din Oslo, Catedrala din Oslo, Opera, Clădirea Parlamentului, Palatul Regal, și Castelul Akershus, pe toate astea le-am văzut în cea de-a doua zi a micii noastre vacanțe…
  • Iar pentru ultima zi plănuisem să mergem pe insulele Fjordului Oslo, însă ploaia ne-a cam stricat planurile… Am reușit să mergem doar pe două din cinci insule: Hovedoya, o insulă nepopulată și Lindoya, insula cu căsuțe din lemn colorate…
  • Îmi amintesc cu mare plăcere de acest oraș minunat, deja au trecut mai mult de două luni de atunci, abia acum am reușit să selectez câteva poze (probabil, din câteva mii de poze) pentru această postare…


  • Oslo is a beautiful city, it has something special in it, and I would say that it is quite expensive…

  • We’ve landed on Rygge airport, which is not really close to Oslo, if you take the express bus (which schedule is by the way coordinated with the flights operating at this airport) you’ll reach Oslo in approximately one hour… Tip: buy the ticket online as it is cheaper than that bought on the board.
  • We searched Airbnb for an apartment to stay there. We found a cosy apartment with a quite big balcony and an amazing view to Oslo fjord. The city center and other points of interest we easily reached by public transport…
  • Lucky us that during our stay in Oslo the weather was nice, without much rain (actually only the last half day it was raining) and with more than 25 in degrees…
  • As we arrived in Oslo in the noon and were a bit tired after the flight and bus trip, we thought it would be great to go somewhere to relax. The Songsvann Lake was the perfect place to go, and indeed we enjoyed the walk we did there and admired its natural beauty… The same afternoon we visited the sculpture park “Vigeland” and “Holmenkollen Ski Jump”…
  • The second day we visited the following places: “Mollefossen waterfall”, “Damstredet” which is the oldest street from Oslo, Oslo Cathedral, Opera, Parliament building, Royal Palace and Akershus Castle and Fortress…
  • Because it started raining in the afternoon, in the last day we visited only two Oslo Fjord Islands, and not five as we planned initially. The first was Hovedoya, an unpopulated island, and the second was Lindoya, an island with multicolored wooden cottages…
  • Overall, I liked Oslo and its attractions, and still remember the breakfasts with the view on the fjord and the nights spent on the same balcony enjoying a cup of wine…
  • Some tips: if you want to buy alcoholic drinks, like wine or strong drinks you have to go to a special shop, Monopole, only in this network of shops you’ll find them. Be aware that during the weekends it is closed from Saturday 15.00 until Monday morning. In other normal supermarkets you can buy only beer. Of course the restaurants and bars offer you any drinks.

Songsvann lake
Songsvann lake
Songsvann lake
Songsvann lake
Songsvann lake
Songsvann lake
Vigeland and Frogner Park
Vigeland and Frogner Park
Holmenkollen Ski Jump
Mollefossen Waterfall
Mollefossen Waterfall
Mollefossen Waterfall
Damstredet Street
Damstredet Street


Oslo Opera House
Oslo Central Station
Royal Palace
Royal Palace
Akershus Castle and Fortress
Akershus Castle and Fortress
Nobel Price Center
Oslo Fjord
Hovedoya Island
Hovedoya Island and Oslo Fjord
Lindoya Island



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